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OCR Series - Race 5 - Season 2017/2018 | Berendonck Wijchen

OCR Series - Race 5 - Season 2017/2018 | Berendonck Wijchen

Race 5 will be the first OCR Series race of the season to be held in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known for its flat landscape, so get ready for another fast course and focus on having an high average speed. In spite of the flat terrain, youll be facing the famous ski-hill halfway through the course. Our tip: steady your tempo to reduce the chance of cramps throughout the rest of the course. Race 5 is another Mud-themed run and the Berendonck is well known for its sticky Mud and deep trenches. It is also the location of the OCR Series World Final in June, so it a great opportunity to size-up the area and test the course.

Last year, it was again Thibault Debusschere (BE) who won the race in Nijmegen for the men. Unlike his first performance, the gap between him and the number 2 and 3 closed to 2 minutes. For the women, despite the thrilling race, the top-3 didnt change from the first race of that season. It was again Sabine Spreen (NL) who went home with the number 1 shield in hand. Can you last year winners of the Nijmegen run this season?


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